Terms of use перевод

Please read """ "" ", and "" before using docomo Money Transfer. The applicant must be under the name of the DOCOMO line subscriber. The applicant's phone number must match the number of the phone used to request the application. A ¥1,000 non-taxable transaction fee will be charged to the sender for each remittance. The minimum remittance amount is ¥3,000 including the transaction fee. If restriction settings are enabled for docomo Kouza, docomo Money Transfer cannot be used. Pages relating to remittances cannot be accessed if the Access Restriction Service i-mode Filter, Kids' i-mode Filter, or Web Filter is set except when site viewing is permitted through the Access Restriction Customizer function. Access to pages relating to remittances cannot be restricted by the sp-mode Filter Service. Please apply for service usage restriction of docomo Kouza at a docomo Shop or Information Center if you do not wish to make remittances. Pages relating to remittances cannot be accessed during international roaming. Although the docomo Money Transfer site may be accessible during international roaming from Wi-Fi connection, this service is available only from within Japan and will not be available overseas. Note that the exchange rate of currencies other than US dollars displayed on the transaction request screen is calculated at the time of the transaction request and is for reference only, and the actual amount may differ. Recipient information such as name, address, date of birth, phone number, bank payment agentbranch name, and account number for transactions to accounts terms of use перевод required to make a remittance. Please be sure to check the recipient's information before making the transaction. We do not accept transactions to joint accounts and corporation accounts. If the remittance is for cash pickup to a non-resident of the destination country, please use the address and phone number of where the recipient is staying and can be reached such as the hotel for the recipient's address and phone number. A remittance cannot be cancelled once the transaction request is sent. When sending a remittance for cash pickup, the recipient must tell the "password" that is shown when completing the transaction request to the teller along with their identification document. The sender is responsible for informing the recipient the required password. Make sure you handle the password with care and do not disclose it to any other parties. Please note that if there are any terms of use перевод information in the terms of use перевод request or if the recipient is unable to receive the remittance including when the cash pickup period expiresthe transaction fees will not terms of use перевод refunded. If the remittance is sent for terms of use перевод pickup and is not claimed within 14 days from the day following the transaction request, the transaction will result in a "receipt failure". The transaction fee and fees charged by the local beneficiary bank will be withdrawn from the total transaction amount and the remaining will be refunded terms of use перевод your docomo Kouza account. DOCOMO will not be able to check the receiving status of your transaction request. The "receipt failure" status on the Overseas Remittance History can be caused by incorrect account names or account numbers for deposits into accounts or expired pickup periods for cash pickup and other reasons. Please contact the docomo Information Center 0120-005-250 for details. DOCOMO may not be able to provide this service due to specific situations such as legal restrictions, measures by government or other public entities, war, accidents, conditions of the payment agent, etc. If such situations are found applicable after you have sent your transaction request, the transaction will be terms of use перевод and the remittance amount will be refunded to your docomo Kouza Account. Remittances using docomo Money Transfer are operated through systems managed by DOCOMO's contractors terms of use перевод can be received at payment agents affiliated to the contractors. The customer information shared with such entities is limited to those only required for the transactions. Transactions using docomo Money Transfer are strictly limited to the following purposes. DOCOMO will not approve or recommend this service as a method of payment for any specific websites.

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